About PG


The mandate of Project Grace is to provide children, from all walks of life, with the opportunity to learn and make music together, and the chance to benefit from the individual skills and community values that are inherent in music-making.


Project Grace’s vision is social development through an innovative and hope-instilling music education program that emphasizes the collective practice of music in order to achieve excellence.

Mission Statement

Project Grace will:

  • provide children in the local community with free group and individual music lessons and the opportunity to perform in a larger musical ensemble.
  • instill and reinforce mutual respect, discipline, teamwork, creativity, and self-confidence — all values and skills that are inherent in music-making.
  • foster community participation by encouraging young musicians to become mentors to children in the program.
  • broaden the community’s understanding of the value of music and the arts by involving volunteers with diverse backgrounds and skills to establish a vibrant network of music educators, players and community members to strengthen music programs

Guiding Principles

Inclusion                    Project Grace will welcome all students and not discriminate by age, gender, social background, race or religion.

Teamwork                Project Grace will represent the community. All aspects of the program focus will focus on the development of this group through the individuals that are a part of it.

Partnerships             Project Grace will develop partnerships with educational institutions and community organizations.

Artistic Excellence    Project Grace will have high artistic excellence and expectations of both staff and students.

Mentorship               Project Grace will encourage students to share their knowledge and talents with other students in order to build their confidence, skills and sense of community.