Instrument Donation

Lets face it: Instruments can be expensive.

If you have an instrument at home that you or your child, friend or relative has outgrown or no longer needs, Project Grace may be able to use it.

We are looking for the following instruments in good, working condition:

  • Violins in 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 size
  • Cellos in 1/2 size
  • Flutes, student model closed hole with straight and/or curved head joints
  • Clarinets, student model
  • Saxophones, student model altos and tenors
  • Trumpets, student model
  • French Horns, student model
  • Trombones, student model tenor or bass
  • Tubas, student model
  • Percussion: snare drums, drum sticks of all kinds


We are also in need of instrument accessories:

  • Bows and Rosin
  • Cleaning rods and cloths
  • Polishing cloths
  • Cork Grease
  • Valve Oil
  • Mouthpiece Cleaner
  • Drum sticks, drum pads


Please fill out the Instrument Donation Form and bring it, along with your instrument, to St. James United Church, 330 Elizabeth Avenue, St. John’s Newfoundland.

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